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Speaker Repair Services

Surround Replacement

The most common problem with older speakers is rotted foam surrounds on the woofers. If your speakers still function but the surrounds have ripped or deteriorated, we can replace them and you're back in business. The surround is the part that connects the speaker cone to the speaker basket. Having us replace the surrounds on your speakers is generally cheaper than buying new speakers or buying new woofers.

If you are a little handy and want to save some money, you can repair your own speakers with our Speaker Repair Kits.

If you prefer to send your speakers to us to have the surrounds replaced go to our Speaker Repair Mail-In Form.

Speaker Re-coning

If your speakers no longer work or the speaker cone is torn the speakers probably need to be reconed. Reconing involves replacing the "soft parts" of the speakers. These "soft parts" include the surround, cone, voice coil, spider, and dust cap. If parts are available a speaker can often be reconed for less then the cost of buying a new one. We offer speaker re-coning services to customers in the local Eugene / Springfield area only. Please Do NOT ship your speakers to us for re-coning.

Some of the brands of speakers we repair:
a/d/s, Acoustic Energy, Acoustic Research, Acoustic Solutions, Advent, Alon, ALR/Jordan, Altec Lansing, Ambiance Acoustics, Apogee, AR, Artistic Audio, Atlantic Technology, Audigo, Audio Artistry, Audio Concepts, Audio-Tronic, Avalon Acoustics, Avantgarde Horn Speaker, B&W, BIC, Bohlender & Graebener, Bomb Audio, Bose, Boston Acoustics, Bozak, California Audio Technology, Canon, Cerwin-Vega, Clarion, Dahlquist, Dana Audio, dbx, DCM, Definitive Technology, Denon, Digital Phase, Dynaco, Dynaudio, Elac, Eminence, Eminent Technology, Energy, Eosone, Epos Acoustics, ESS, EV, Fisher, Gallo, GE, Genelec, German Physiks, Gradient, Hafler, Harbeth, HECO, HSU Research, Infinity, Jamo, JBL, Jensen, JL Audio, Joly, Joseph, Joseph Audio, JVC, KEF, Kenwood, KLH, Klipsch, Krix Loudspeakers, Legacy Audio, Linaeum, M&K, Macpherson, Magnavox, Magnepan, Marantz, MB Quart, McIntosh, Merlin Music, Mirage, Mission, Monitor Audio, Mordaunt-Short, Morel, MTX, NCT, NEAR, NEC, Newform Research, NHT, Niles, Note Perfect, Nova Loudspeakers, NSM Loudspeakers, NXT, OHM, Oracle Loudspeakers, OWI, Panasonic, Paradigm, Phase Technology, Philips, Piega, Pinnacle, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Proton, PSB, RBH Sound, RCA, Realistic, Recoton, REL Acoustics, Rockustics, RR Audio, RTR, Sansui, Sanyo, SD Acoustics, Selenium, Shamrock, Sherwood, Snell, Sonance, Sony, Sound Lab Speakers, Speaker Works, Speakercraft, Spica, System Audio, Tannoy, Technics, Thiel, Totems, Triad, VAF Research, Vandersteen, Velodyne, Verity Audio, Vifa, Visonik, Von Schweikert, Waveform, Westlake Audio, Wilson Audio, Wood Speaker Systems

Speaker Repair