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DIY Speaker Surround Repair & Refoam Kits

Speaker Repair Service

Speaker Surround Edge Replacement a.k.a. Re-foam

The most common problem with older speakers is rotted foam surrounds on the woofers. If your speakers still function but the surrounds have ripped or deteriorated, we can replace them and you're back in business. The surround is the part that connects the speaker cone to the speaker basket. Having us replace the surrounds on your speakers is generally cheaper than buying new speakers or buying new woofers. We offer speaker repair services to customers nationwide. Let our speaker repair experts replace and re-foam the ripped, torn, split, broken, worn out, rotted, or deteriorated surround edges on your speakers with brand new surrounds. We can replace and re-foam speaker surround edges on almost any speakers vintage or modern. We also sell speaker repair kits with the parts and instructions you need to easily fix your own speakers.

We are accepting speaker repair jobs from the local Eugene/Springfield area only at this time.

Please Click Here to Contact Us about having your speakers repaired.

How it Works


Remove the speakers that need be repaired from their speaker cabinets and ship them to us.

Step 2

We receive your speakers, repair and ship them back to you, usually within 1-2 weeks.

Step 3

After you receive your repaired speakers put them back in the speaker cabinets and you're ready to rock!

Speaker Repair Prices
Parts and labor cost per woofer/driver to replace the surround.

2" to 4"$50.00
5" to 6-1/2"$60.00
8" to 10"$75.00

If you are a little handy and want to save some money, you can repair your own speakers with our Speaker Repair Kits.

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