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Speaker Repair & Refoam Kit FAQ
Last Updated: 03/29/2018
Question: Why buy speaker repair and re-foam kits from us?

Answer: We offer the best quality parts at great prices, plus we have excellent service before and after the sale.

While others vendors may sell cheap factory seconds and old stock, we sell only freshly made new surrounds and other speaker parts.

We store our surrounds and other speaker parts in our own climate controlled warehouse here in the mild Willamette Valley of Oregon far away from corrosive ocean air. Other vendors may store their stock in warehouses without temperature control, in harsh climates, and (worst of all) in proximity to the ocean where parts can experience atmospheric corrosion from salt in the air. Exposure to a coastal environment can reduce life expectancy of speaker parts (especially foam surrounds) significantly.

We sell two types of high quality, professional adhesives with our repair kits. We sell a Latex which is perfect for paper speaker cones and a Nitrile which is great for plastic speaker cones. Other vendors may sell a "one-size-fits-all" adhesive including an infamous clear adhesive which is not designed for speaker surrounds. This glue dries too fast and according to multiple customers we've talked to it can ruin speakers.

How do I choose the correct size repair kit for my speakers?

Answer: Measure the OD (outside diameter) of the speaker cone (the cone shaped part that moves up and down in the middle of the speaker) and choose surrounds that have a speaker cone OD measurement within 1/8" inch of your measurement. See this page for more info:

Question: How do I know if my speakers need an angle attach of flat attach repair kit?

Answer: Examine the speaker cone (the cone shaped part that moves up and down in the middle of the speaker). If the cone angle is about the same all the way to the outside edge where it is attached to the surround then the surrounds will need to have an angled inside edge and you will want an angle attach repair kit. If the outside edge of the cone angle changes and has a 1/8" to 1/4" flat lip in relation to the plane of the front of the speakers then you will need a flat attach repair kit. See this page for more info:

Question: Can a foam surround be replaced with a rubber one or vice versa?

Answer: It generally is not a good idea to replace foam surrounds with rubber (or vice versa) because doing so will change the sound of the speaker.
See this page for more info:

Question: How long do speaker surrounds last?

Foam surrounds will typically last to last ten to fifteen years. Rubber surrounds often last twenty to thirty years, more info on this blog post

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